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Becoming the #1 repository of unbiased, results-based, easy-to-understand wellness, fitness and healing information on the planet.


Develop or market excellent, proven products and services for wellness, fitness and healing, based on the most up-to-date knowledge we can obtain, from both ancient knowledge and modern research.


Who are we?

People probably very much like you. We have a keen interest in health, wellness, fitness, healing, personal growth, maximising our potential. We want to look at things holisticallyófrom a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual angle. We like all things natural, and try to avoid drugs, radiation and surgery, but we are not anal about the matter. We believe our body is our own best doctor.

We strive to minimise ideology, believe in applying reason and rationality, and like the idea of the evidence speaking for itself, although our idea of evidence includes ancient wisdomómore and more of the ancient principles of living appear to be panning out.

The best way of understanding us is probably through the values we have chosen for ourselves:

  • Principles First, Products Second

  • Education and Results over Sales and Ideology

  • Multi-Pronged Approach to Wellness, Fitness and Healing

  • Vendor Independence

  • Respect for both Modern Rigour and Ancient Wisdom

Contact Us

Wellness Manna

91 Bencoolen Street #10-03 Sunshine Plaza S 189652
T. +65 6222 3515
E. enquiries@wellnessmanna.sg
W. www.wellnessmanna.sg