About The Yufuin Water System

The Yufuin Water System is a state-of-the-art water purifier that can produce high quality, clean, energised alkaline drinking water. We believe this is the healthiest water in the world.

The Yufuin Water System is a four-stage system.

Stage 1: Anti-Bacterial Carbon Filter

At this initial stage, coarse contaminants, chlorine, chemical substances, bacteria, foul odour, and heavy metals are filtered. The filter uses a patented mixture of granular and fibrous components which effectively removes organic compounds, heavy metals, and harmful impurities, and even reduces water hardness.

Stage 2: Special Ceramic Filter (Ceramic 1)

This is the second stage, and it reinforces the first. Any remaining harmful substances are filtered.

The special de-chlorination process involves oxygenation that removes harmful substances such as chlorine, trichalomethane, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, chromium, and mercury), chemical toxins, foul odours, pesticides, organ chemical compounds, bacteria, carcinogens, etc.

Stage 3: Special Ceramic Filter (Ceramic 2)

The purpose of this stage is to energise water with high vibrational energy.

The Yufuin Water Technology uses Finite Impulse Response (FIR) emissions elements. This technology uses high-frequency wavelengths to restructure big water molecular clusters into smaller water molecular clusters. This forms clustered water. This results in highly activated water with high alkalinity.

Stage 4: Ceramic (Ceramic 3) plus Coral Calcium Filter

The purpose of this final stage is to filter tiny contaminants, bacteria, and chemical substances. Additionally, the water is also further alkalised.

Ceramic 3 strengthens the anti-bacterial function of the Ceramic 1 filter. This prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens in the water.

Yufuin Water

Yufuin water is clustered, magnetised and alkaline clean water. Clustered water is better able to hydrate the body than regular water can. An experiment done with Yufuin Water with rats showed that the rats which drank the water got a blood pH that was close to the optimal pH. Human subjects who used the water had an improved blood picture. Those who were overly alkaline had their blood alkaline values become closer to optimal alkaline values (about 7.4) while those who were very acidic became more alkaline.

Yufuin water is truly therapeutic water as it improves your immune system, reduces toxicity, and balances your pH.

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