About The Yufuin Water System

Beyond Clean Water

The Yufuin Water System is the first water system in the world to use the latest fine ceramic technology developed in Japan. It has been clinically proven to deliver pure drinking water with maximum therapeutic advantages.

Our water:
Protects Against Free Radicals
Cleans And Detoxifies
Slows Down Aging
Promotes Beauty And Wellness

The new fine ceramic technology is an all-natural filter system with inherent electrical properties. It instantly alkalises and ionises water without the need for electricity, and removes all contaminants without the use of chemicals.

The secret of Yufuin water system lies in the well-known spa town of Yufuin, Japan. The legendary hot springs of Yufuin, rich in many natural mineral stones, have helped residents maintain their health and beauty for centuries. With the Yufuin Water System, the living waters of Yufuin are now available to you right in the comfort of your home.

Yufuin water is clustered, magnetised and alkaline water. Clustered water is better able to hydrate the body than regular water can. An experiment done with Yufuin Water with rats showed that the rats which drank the water got a blood pH that was close to the optimal pH. Human subjects who used the water had an improved blood picture. Those who were overly alkaline had their blood alkaline values become closer to optimal alkaline values (about 7.4) while those who were very acidic became more alkaline.

Yufuin water is truly therapeutic water as it improves your immune system, reduces toxicity, and balances your pH.


The Yufuin Water System is effective and fuss-free, it suits all busy lifestyles. No plugging in, no waiting. Just pour water straight from the tap into the handy, specially-designed jug and voila! Instant natural therapeutic water ready to be drunk. It’s that simple.


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