Common Sources Of Water

Common Sources Of Water

By now, it is crystal clear that you need a lot of potable (safe to drink) water to keep your body at optimal functionality. It would now be a good idea to understand the various sources of drinking water that you are likely to encounter.


Tap water is the most common source of water around. It is usually considered safe for consumption in developed countries. The water treatment plant usually adds chlorine, chloramines, or chlorine dioxide to make this water potable.

However, is this water completely safe and free from all pollutants? (See Article 06)


Bottled water is a favourite for those who do not trust tap water. Interestingly, 40% of bottled water is just tap water. The bottled water industry is able to sell its water through marketing tactics. Amazingly, however, tap water may be safer, according to research. We will explain this in detail later (See Article 07)


Distilled water goes a notch higher on safety than bottled water. During distillation, impure water is heated. At a certain point, it begins to boil and evaporate, so the liquid water has now become gaseous water (ie, steam). The water is now cooled. It returns to its original liquid, minus the original impurities.

This looks harmless, doesn’t it? What problem can there be with using this method to make potable water? (Find out in Article 08)


Alkaline water simply has a higher pH level than regular potable water. The pH level is used to determine how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Water becomes alkaline either through natural methods or through use of ionisers (as we will see later). Some say that this water can slow aging and cure chronic diseases. Is there a catch or is alkaline water truly the Fountain of Youth? (Find out in Article 09)


Vitamin water is essentially enhanced water: water which contains additional ingredients such as artificial flavours, sugar, sweeteners, minerals, vitamins, and other enhancements. Is this a good idea or not? (See Article 10)
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