Which Water Should You Drink?

Which Water Should You Drink?

There is no perfect water we’re aware of — other than the pure, life-enhancing mountain streams we’ve been told exist in a few difficult-to-reach places on Earth.

But we do know what we do NOT want in our drinking water.

Free From Chlorine

As we have seen, chlorinated water has long-term health implications. It is not a good idea to make a habit of using chlorinated water for either drinking or showering. Tap water is the most common source of chlorinated water.

Free From Bad Contaminants

We have discussed in detail contaminants especially those present in plastic water bottles. Do not drink water that you suspect to have bacteria or other illness-causing organisms. Drink only water that gives you peace of mind.

Free from Acidity

Body acidity can lead to many complications that can be easily avoided. Do not drink water that has a pH of less than 7. Distilled water is an example of water that can increase body acidity.

Free From Sugar

Water should not have sugar. Taking sugar-sweetened water regularly is not a good idea. No doctor will recommend this type of water. Regularly taking sugar-sweetened water can have negative consequences on your precious health. Research shows that only 1% of people benefit from sports drinks.

Full of Minerals

Many minerals enter the body through water. Water that does not have minerals is not complete water. Most of the minerals present in water are nutrients that are essential to the body.


As we have discussed, alkaline water is good for the body. You will get many proven benefits if you drink alkaline water. If consumed regularly, alkaline water reduces accumulated acid waste. Alkaline water can also be a good alternative to sports drinks. This water is expensive so it is a good idea to make it at home with the help of a water ioniser.

Conclusion: We recommend drinking clean water that is alkaline.

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