Why Your Body Needs Water

Why Your Body Needs Water

Your body has numerous functions, and all of them require water to be performed effectively. If you have no reason to always stay hydrated, then consider that water:

Allows Your Body To Eliminate Toxins And Waste Products

Taking adequate water will enable your body to excrete all undesired products through perspiration, urination, and defecation. You can get very sick if toxins accumulate in your body.

Helps Regulate Body Temperature

Water has a large heat capacity; this helps to maintain suitable body temperature in warm and cold environments. When the temperature is high in our surroundings, sweat is released, providing a cooling effect that lowers body temperature.

Helps Transport Nutrients And Oxygen Throughout The Body

Water is the main constituent of blood; when you are hydrated, nutrients and oxygen in the blood are transported to the places where they are needed more effectively.

Cushions Joints And Protects Body Organs And Tissues

Water keeps the tissues in your body moist. When you are hydrated, these sensitive interior parts of the body retain optimum levels of moisture. Water acts as a lubricant, which cushions and protects these body parts.

Helps To Maintain Proper Muscle Tone

Muscles are primarily made of water. If you are not hydrated, your muscles will not properly contract and this will reduce muscle tone (The state of muscle tension inside a muscle when it is at rest). Enough water intake will prevent muscle cramping, quicken muscle response, and improve muscle strength.

Promotes Growth And Healing

Growth of certain parts of the body such as the hair is impossible without water. When your tissue is damaged, proper hydration will ensure that the antibodies needed to repair the damaged tissue get there fast.

Helps Digest Food

Water helps accelerate the digestive process and is crucial in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Water helps break down food; drinking sufficient amounts reduces constipation.

These are just a few of the uses of water in our body. Rest assured that there are thousands more, and some have not yet been discovered. Water is indeed the elixir of life.

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